The VMG Group is a conglomerate based in
New Zealand.

A portfolio of global technology, service and product businesses, founded in 2007 by entrepreneurs Jonathan Reid and Doug Drury. The VMG Group has operations in nine countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, with the USA being our predominant customer market.

Learn more about a selection of our businesses and divisions below.

VMG Premedia

VMG Premedia provides publishers and marketers with scalable, cost-effective premedia and digital services solutions. 

Combining world-class graphic and digital production studios with local support, VMG Premedia delivers custom resourcing solutions that help extend your in-house publishing and marketing operations, while reducing your costs; allowing you to focus on what drives your business forward.

VMG Ventures

Led by Jonathan Reid, VMG Ventures is the group’s corporate venturing arm, based out of Auckland, New Zealand, Los Angeles and New York, USA. An entrepreneur friendly smart-money venture capital firm with deep contact networks focused on value-add investments, VMG Ventures has invested a substantial amount into a portfolio of more than 20 angel investments. 

VMG Ventures is also a co-founder of Goat Ventures which creates disruptive Artificial Intelligence companies in collaboration with corporate and institutional scale businesses. Goat Ventures’ current/ exited portfolio consists of McCarthyFinch (corporate equity partner: Minter Ellison. EXITED 2020 to Onit Inc/K1 Capital), (corporate equity partner: Chemist Warehouse), (corporate equity partner: Carter Holt Harvey/Rank Group).

VMG Ventures invests in an equity partnership with New Zealand’s largest and most established Angel Investor and previous New Zealander of the Year, Sir Stephen Tindall, GNZM.

VMG Digital

VMG Digital is the Group’s mobile-first bespoke video creative division, that works with brands to effectively optimise marketing assets for advertising on social media. VMG Digital are passionate about video creative produced with craft and creativity to deliver results – from brand awareness to demand generation and advocacy.

VMG Digital complements a client’s in-house or agency-produced creative assets, as well as working directly with the world’s top brands. With ample knowledge and expertise in the digital space, VMG Digital are trusted Facebook, Instagram, Google and TikTok marketing partners.

Red Pepper Digital

Red Pepper is a managed, full service, digital publishing solution, helping you to reach new audiences and bring in more business.

Red Pepper digitizes traditional print media to create interactive, fully shoppable catalogs for your customers, whilst also generating rich, actionable insights for your business. Red Pepper gives you more than just a digital catalog, you’ll be able to understand your customers, improve future campaigns and drive ROI, all from the comfort of your own website.

VMG Connect

Effective Internal Communication is critical to an organisation’s success. But it’s never been harder to reach people, with increasingly distributed workforces and information overload a reality for so many.

VMG Connect provides expert guidance, best-in-class technology solutions, and local support to connect your teams and elevate your content, so you can reach and engage with your people wherever they are.


A division of VMG Connect, VMG XR will simplify your Extended Reality (XR) journey, from strategy development to implementation.

The potential of XR is immense, but there are complexities and challenges to navigating this rapidly evolving industry. VMG XR’s team of specialists and best-of-breed technology partners will work with you, providing the tools and insights to transform how your organisation works and learns.